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Why are French Trains Late?

I have not been able to write for a while as the semester just started, but quite frankly that is a not an issue since no one other than me reads these posts :). Anyways, I wanted to do this week’s tidy tuesday as it was about French train delays which I got to get accustomated to while living in France. library(tidyverse) library(dynlm) library(gganimate) library(maptools) library(maps) library(lettercase) library(magrittr) library(ggfortify) library(pander) library(patchwork) library(kableExtra) trains_raw <- readr::read_csv("https://raw.

Marriage and Divorce in Turkey - Divorce

This second part was a lot more fun! More data was available and I also got to experiment with the gganimate package which is extremely cool. Make sure to not scroll fast over all the graph since there are some gifs! As I said in the previous blog, this post is more focused on divorces and there was a little bit more data available (although I must admit the data is kind of noisy).

Marriage and Divorce in Turkey - Marriage

I was initially going to make this only one post but I realized that there is actually a lot of material to analyze and visualize so I decided to divide this post into two parts. Just like any marriage, part 1 of this series will focus on marriage and part 2 on divorce. I will not write much as the plots speak for themselves, I tried to include some more statistical analysis.